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Celebrate Your Special Day at Hotel Lakend Udaipur: A Complete Guide to Wedding Costs

Nestled on the serene banks of Fateh Sagar Lake, Hotel Lakend in Udaipur offers an idyllic setting for couples dreaming of a fairytale wedding. Renowned for its exquisite views and luxurious ambiance, this 4-star property is a favored destination for lavish weddings, blending Rajasthani heritage with contemporary elegance. Planning a wedding at Hotel Lakend involves understanding various cost elements that contribute to creating a memorable event. This article will explore the various expenses associated with hosting a wedding at this prestigious venue.

Venue Overview

Hotel Lakend, part of the Alka Group of Hotels, features sophisticated interiors and a picturesque lakeside backdrop that makes every wedding photo look like a page from a royal storybook. With its sprawling gardens and stunning architecture, it accommodates both grand receptions and intimate gatherings.

Capacity and Facilities

The hotel offers multiple indoor and outdoor venues. The indoor banquet hall can comfortably seat up to 300 guests, while the expansive outdoor lawns are perfect for hosting up to 1,500 guests. These spaces are ideal for various wedding functions, from the sangeet and mehndi to the wedding ceremony and reception.

Accommodation Costs

Hotel Lakend boasts a range of accommodation options, from deluxe rooms to luxurious suites, ensuring a comfortable stay for you and your guests. For a typical wedding party, reserving a block of rooms is common, and prices can vary based on the season and the type of rooms chosen. On average, room rates can range from INR 10,000 to INR 15,000 per night.

Catering and Cuisine

The culinary experience at Hotel Lakend is nothing short of spectacular, with a variety of dining options available. The hotel offers a diverse menu ranging from traditional Rajasthani dishes to international cuisines, tailored to meet the dietary preferences and culinary desires of your guests. Catering costs typically range from INR 1,500 to INR 2,500 per person, depending on the menu selected.

Decoration and Themes

Decor is a crucial aspect of any wedding, and at Hotel Lakend, the options are limitless. Whether you envision a traditional Rajasthani theme or a modern contemporary style, the decor team can bring your vision to life. Decoration costs depend on the complexity and materials used but generally start from around INR 2 lakh and can go up to INR 10 lakh or more for more elaborate setups.

Additional Services

Hotel Lakend offers a range of additional services to enhance the wedding experience, including:

  • Photography and Videography: Essential for capturing the moments of your special day. Packages can vary, typically starting from INR 1 lakh.
  • Entertainment: Options include DJ services, live bands, and traditional Rajasthani performers, with costs starting from INR 50,000.
  • Transportation: For guest transfers, local sightseeing, and airport pickups. Costs will depend on the type of vehicles hired and the duration of use.

Total Cost Breakdown

Combining all these elements, a wedding at Hotel Lakend in Udaipur can cost anywhere from INR 20 lakh to INR 50 lakh or more, depending on the scale of the wedding, the number of guests, and the services opted for. Here is a basic breakdown for a medium-scale wedding with around 200 guests:

  • Venue Rental: INR 2-5 lakh (depending on the spaces used and the duration)
  • Accommodation: INR 20-30 lakh (assuming 100 rooms booked over two nights)
  • Catering: INR 3-5 lakh (for one major meal and other refreshments throughout the event)
  • Decor: INR 2-10 lakh
  • Additional Services: INR 1-5 lakh


Hotel Lakend Udaipur provides a royal setting that promises to make your wedding day truly enchanting. While the costs can be considerable, the experience of getting married at such a picturesque location, with top-notch facilities and impeccable service, ensures that your investment is well worth it. As with any destination wedding, it’s advisable to visit the venue, discuss your specific needs with the hotel’s wedding planner, and tailor the event to align with your budget and expectations.


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