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A Complete Guide for Classical Weddings in Agra | Destination Wedding In Agra 

For more than a century, Agra was the capital of the Mughal empire and is home to some of the greatest architectural achievements of this magnificent dynasty. As such, it is the third apex of the Golden Triangle, a popular tourist destination that includes some of India’s most renowned architectural attractions. Set on the scenic banks of the Yamuna River, the city of love Agra is one of the most romantic and sought-after destination wedding options for couples. 

Agra is famous for its Mughal history, religion, architecture, historical treasures, and majesty. It is a defining proclamation of love in Uttar Pradesh because of the existence of Shah Jahan’s creation, the Taj Mahal. Getting married in the city of love would strengthen the relationship between the two souls; it will be thrilling and romantic to tie the knot with the pinnacle of love in the background. Here is the complete guide for classical weddings in Agra. 

Let’s dive in! 

A Rich History of Taj Mahal, The Epitome of Love 

The certain sight of Agra conjures up images of The Taj Mahal. This monument was created by Shah Jahan for his loving wife Arjumand Banu Begum, widely known in history as Mumtaz Mahal or “jewel of

the palace.” It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a symbol of love. No history lesson or love storytelling session is complete without Emperor Shah Jahan’s devotion to his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, being mentioned. Their love was so intense that after her death, the emperor created a tomb in her honor and memory, the Taj Mahal, which is still regarded as a symbol of eternal love today. Many a poet’s calligraphy, many a lover’s grief, many a dreamer’s visions and many a woman’s jealousy have been inspired by this marble monument. 

Perfect Venues to Tie a knot

Add a touch of royal love to your perfect destination wedding venue. Agra is unquestionably a wonderful setting for a wedding!! It is home to “The Taj Mahal,” one of the world’s most famous historical wonders. Here are some wedding venues to think about! These destination wedding locations offer cutting-edge amenities as well as a panoramic view of The Taj Mahal. 

The Oberoi Amarvilas

The Oberoi Amarvilas is located just 600 meters from the Taj Mahal, the world’s most stunning testament to enduring love. It is simple to rekindle romance at The Oberoi Amarvilas. With fountains, terraced lawns, reflecting pools, and pavilions, the best hotel in Agra is inspired by Mughal palace designs. The Oberoi Amarvilas is a five-star hotel with unobstructed views of the Taj Mahal from all rooms and suites, as well as friendly, personalized service.

Jaypee Palace Hotel

The Jaypee Palace Hotel in Agra is a tribute to Mughal architecture, constructed of red sandstone and white marble. The city of love, Agra, it is an ideal wedding location with big banquet amenities. This hotel is an iconic property in the center of Agra, offering a perfect blend of old-world elegance and contemporary luxury, with the city’s busiest commercial and historical districts. 

ITC Mughal

ITC Mughal, a Luxury Resort & Spa in Agra is a worthy monument to the famous Mughal builders of the past, sprawling across 23 acres of exquisite gardens. This premium resort, located near the Taj Mahal, has 233 luxurious rooms and suites, a magnificent spa, distinctive food options, and a variety of lavish banqueting facilities. It recreates a paradise for the modern Mogul, exemplifying the majesty and perfection that defined the Mughal Dynasty. 

Agra – A Fantastic Shopping Destination 

Agra is famous for its monuments, forts, temples, and ancient buildings, but typical retail malls and bazaars remain hidden behind these architectural marvels. Agra’s shopping district is bustling with markets, department stores, retail outlets, and local bazaars. Agra is home to many craftsmen, jewelers, embroiderers, carpet makers, and weavers who flock here to demonstrate their valuable abilities. 

Sadar Bazaar

Sadar Bazaar is one of Agra’s most well-known shopping districts, located near the Agra Cantt railway station. Handicrafts, sweets, clothing, and leather purses are all available here. 

Subhash Bazaar

It is another well-known Agra market located in Halwai Gali, near the Agra Fort, close to the northern side of Jama Masjid. It is best renowned for a wide range of products, the most prominent of which are silk products and silk saris. 

Shoe Market

Agra has a thriving footwear sector, and you can easily find the best pair of shoes there. It’s in Agra’s Hing Ki Mandi district, and you can’t leave without buying a pair of shoes. The market is well-known for its shoes, which are reasonably priced. 

Mughlai Cuisine – India’s Favorite Food

Mughlai cuisine combines Indian subcontinent cuisine with Islamic cuisine recipes. It is heavily influenced by Central Asian Turkish cuisine. During their reign in India, Mughal kings introduced Mughlai cuisine. As one of the original cities, Agra boasts the best Mughlai cuisine. 

Agra is also well-known for its delectable and well-known pumpkin sweets known as Agra ka Petha. It is a white gourd sweet that is so aromatic and delicious that we bet you can’t stop at just one. According to folklore, it originated in Mughal kitchens during Shah Jahan’s reign and was used to feed laborers constructing the Taj Mahal. 


Since the ancient age, Agra has had a historical tie with the Mughals of India. The rich cultural heritage of India has been very clearly reflected in this magnificent city. Agra, home of ‘A Symbol of Love- Taj Mahal,’ is deservedly regarded as one of the most romantic cities in the country. A land that is what it is because 

of a King’s ardent love for his dead wife has now become a source of inspiration for lovers all over the world. It stands to reason that the city likes couples who want to marry in the area where real love was once witnessed.


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