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Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding in Rishikesh | 2023

Nestled on the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas, Rishikesh is alluringly beautiful and a visual feast. The atmosphere is both laid-back and serious. To your ears, the distant ringing of temple bells is like a melody. The holy Ganges River, which runs through the city, is a natural paradise. The ever-present, lovely company of yogis, as well as the smell that wafts in the breeze, is always a plus. And destination weddings in Rishikesh can successfully incorporate all of these features, resulting in the most bizarre event ever. Here are some reasons to plan a destination wedding in Rishikesh. 

Let’s take a look! 

Rishikesh – Yoga Capital of the World 

For thousands of years, Rishikesh, the World Capital of Yoga, has been one of India’s holiest and most spiritual centers. Rishikesh is a lovely city set beneath the majestic Himalayas on the blue banks of the holy Ganges river. Rishikesh, a jewel of an entry into the deep Himalayas and a doorway for people looking to dig deep into their spiritual practice, is filled with temples and surrounded by emerald jungles, secret waterfalls, and pristine nature. 

Rishikesh – A Hindu Pilgrimage Destination in India

According to tradition, Ram traveled here to perform penance for assassinating Ravana, the King of Lanka, on Vasishtha’s counsel. This location, known as the “place of sagas,” is located 24 kilometers upstream from Haridwar, another wonderful destination. Pilgrims can find spiritual comfort at temples like Lahkhsmana, Shatrughan, and Bharata Pushkar. The name originates from a God named Hrishikesh who came over with the penances of Rabhiya Rishi. This is where the Char Dham pilgrimage begins, and it is also the greatest area to meditate, do yoga, and do other activities. 

Perfect Venues To Tie a Knot 

Rishikesh has a plethora of wonderful wedding venues from which to choose, ensuring that every wedding is a memorable occasion. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best for your wedding location. Take a look at this: 

Roseate Ganges:

The Roseate Ganges, a well-known name among Rishikesh’s best luxury resorts, provides an unrivaled luxury getaway on the banks of the Ganges. It redefines luxury with its immaculate design, architecture, and services, ensuring an amazing stay in the calm and sylvan environment of the Garhwal Himalaya foothills. 

Taj Rishikesh:

Because of its spiritually stimulating setting by the Ganges, Himalayan foothills, and normally beautiful weather throughout the year, Taj Rishikesh is one of the best venues for destination weddings and intimate vow renewals. This 12.5-acre luxury resort in Rishikesh is constructed with an environmentally sustainable ecology in mind. It provides a series of alternate spatial sensations that add to the piece’s organic feel. 

Lemon Tree Premier:

Lemon Tree Premier, Rishikesh, a gorgeous luxury resort, is located on the banks of the holy Ganges river, with its own Ghat. The River Ganges and Ganga Beach, as well as the Himalayan sub-belt foothills, are all visible from this beautiful retreat. The resort’s 65 well-appointed rooms and suites blend understated elegance and old-world charm with modern conveniences and facilities. 

Rishikesh – A Perfect Shopping Destination 

If you’re a shopaholic who’s weary of the same old mall shopping, Rishikesh’s local markets will provide you with a distinct and refreshingly new shopping experience. Here are some of the best shopping spots in Rishikesh that you shouldn’t miss: 

Main Market in Rishikesh

This is one of Rishikesh’s main markets, as well as the city’s largest shopping center. This is a one-stop shopping center for travelers and tourists, with a wide range of things ranging from food to perfumes. To get the most out of this market, go early in the morning or late in the evening to get a sense of how busy it is and a taste of Rishikesh’s local life. 

Gole Market

Locals gather in the evenings to shop for clothes and accessories, bringing the Gole Market to life. On Weekends, the market is a hive of activity. This market is an excellent spot to pick up some traditional Indian dresses. 


Rishikesh weddings are among the most beautiful. You get to marry your love in a valley surrounded by hills and mountains with breathtaking vistas. You have the option of choosing between an outdoor or an indoor location. Furthermore, most hotels and resorts provide a variety of yoga lessons and meditation sessions, which your guests will undoubtedly appreciate. Planning your wedding among Rishikesh’s beautiful landscapes will not only refresh your thoughts but also that of your guests.


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