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How To Reach Umaid Bhawan Palace [Jodhpur] A Guide to Transportation and Access | 2023

Umaid Bhawan Palace, situated in the scenic city of Jodhpur, is an architectural marvel and one of the most beautiful heritage hotels worldwide. This article will provide an in-depth guide on the various means of transportation and how to reach Umaid Bhawan Palace one of the magnificent palaces.

Introduction to Umaid Bhawan Palace

Before we delve into the transportation details, let’s briefly touch upon the rich history and grandeur of Umaid Bhawan Palace. Built during the reign of Maharaja Umaid Singh, the palace is a blend of Indian and Art Deco styles. Managed by Taj Hotels, it now serves as a luxury heritage hotel providing its guests with an unforgettable royal experience.

Location of Umaid Bhawan Palace

Umaid Bhawan Palace is located in Jodhpur, a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Known as the ‘Blue City’ due to its blue-painted houses, Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination with numerous attractions such as the Mehrangarh Fort and Jaswant Thada. The palace itself is situated on Chittar Hill, the highest point in Jodhpur, offering panoramic views of the city and the surrounding sand dunes.

Reaching Jodhpur

Jodhpur is well-connected by air, rail, and road to major cities in India.

By Air

Jodhpur Airport, around 3.7 kilometers from Umaid Bhawan Palace, has regular flights from major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. International travelers may fly into Delhi or Mumbai airports, which have direct flights from various global locations, and then take a domestic flight to Jodhpur.

By Rail

Jodhpur Railway Station, approximately 5 kilometers from the palace, is a major rail junction in Rajasthan. It is connected with different parts of the country by direct trains, including luxury tourist trains like Palace on Wheels.

By Road

Jodhpur is well-linked by road with other cities in Rajasthan and neighboring states. The city is around 6 hour’s drive from Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan.

How To Reach Umaid Bhawan Palace

Once in Jodhpur, visitors have multiple local transportation options to reach Umaid Bhawan Palace.

Taxis and Auto-rickshaws

Taxis and auto-rickshaws are readily available in Jodhpur. These can be hired from the airport, railway station, bus stand, or any other part of the city. It’s advisable to negotiate the fare beforehand or ensure the driver uses the fare meter.

App-based Cabs

Ola and Uber operate in Jodhpur, providing another convenient mode of transport. These services can be booked using their respective mobile apps.

Hotel Transfers

The palace itself offers airport and railway station transfers on request. It’s best to arrange this in advance for a hassle-free experience.

Accessibility Within Umaid Bhawan Palace

Upon reaching the palace, visitors are greeted by sprawling gardens and a long driveway that leads up to the palace. Inside, the palace is well-equipped with modern amenities, including elevators, ramps, and other accessibility features to ensure a comfortable experience for all guests, including those with mobility challenges.


Reaching Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, is quite straightforward, thanks to the city’s robust connectivity. Whether you prefer flying, taking a train, or a scenic drive, multiple options ensure your journey to this royal destination is as pleasant as your stay. And once there, the hospitable staff and well-planned facilities of Umaid Bhawan Palace make your visit a seamless and memorable experience.

The palace, standing as a beacon of royal heritage and luxury, awaits your visit. With these transportation and access details at your disposal, planning your journey becomes easier, ensuring you enjoy the royal hospitality of Umaid Bhawan Palace without any hassles.


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