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7 Reasons Why Consider Jaisalmer For Your Destination Wedding [2023]

Jaisalmer is a once princely state in Rajasthan that lies in the heart of the Thar Desert. Because of its golden sandstone architecture, it is commonly referred to as the “Golden City.” The world-famous hilltop citadel of Jaisalmer Fort is one of its main attractions. There is nothing this city does not have in its stores, with its enchanting Havelis, monuments, and bustling marketplaces! 

Have you always wanted a fairytale wedding? Make this a reality in the city of Jaisalmer. Plan your destination wedding in Jaisalmer and immerse yourself in the world of royalty. This “Golden City of India” is an excellent location to plan a wedding. Take yourself on a voyage through Wonderland that concludes with you tying knots while the fort, which appears to be made of pure gold at first glance, serves as your backdrop. But why should you plan your destination wedding in Jaisalmer? In this guide, you’ll find several convincing reasons to consider Jaisalmer for your destination wedding. 

Let’s dive in! 

Jaisalmer has Rich Culture Heritage 

Jaisalmer has a vibrant and colorful culture that represents the rich history of a bygone era. The desert city’s folk music and dance are an essential component of its culture, representing a unique blend of ancient traditions, various social practices, and classical music. The city has so much to offer in terms of culture, music, architecture, crafts, and traditions that visitors from all over the world rush to this beauty

every year to experience a taste of desert life. Despite the harsh conditions of its terrain and environment, the residents of Jaisalmer appear to be happy with their life and are exceedingly pleasant and joyful by nature. This uniqueness of Jaisalmer makes it an ideal place for a destination wedding. 

Jaisalmer has Excellent Options for Wedding Destinations 

If you are looking for your dream destination wedding venue in Jaisalmer, you will find a plethora of venues that will make your ceremony nothing short of a fairytale, and that is exactly what these venues are meant for! So, let’s take a look at the best venues! 

Suryagarh Jaisalmer: 

Suryagarh is one of Jaisalmer’s best destination wedding sites, surrounded by the old city and the undulating grandeur of the Thar Desert. Suryagarh destination weddings are a great experience. Suryagarh stands out for its belief in the extraordinary, as well as in excellence, comfort, and consistency. 

Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa:

Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa, a generously created dream, provides you a classic location to enjoy the quintessence of 5-star elegance and hospitality with authentic local experiences in the golden city of Jaisalmer. With its magnificent environment and diverse wedding spaces such as the Golden Ballroom and Oasis Courtyard, it is an ideal destination wedding venue in India. 

Jaisalmer has Best Shopping Markets

Shopping markets in Jaisalmer – Jaisalmer is not like the malls and designer labels that can be found in other towns. Shopping Markets in Jaisalmer offer an entirely unique experience to all explorers. 

These ‘famous street markets in Jaisalmer take you through the attractiveness of the Golden City, allowing shopaholics to enjoy the spirit of traditional Rajasthan culture. The reason why people from all over the world travel to this colorful paradise is to do their wedding shopping. 

Sadar Bazaar: It is one of Jaisalmer’s most renowned shopping destinations. Even more, because it is a retail and wholesale market where you can get almost anything in Jaisalmer. Everything from dupattas to mirror work is included. Shawls, gemstone jewelry, woodwork things, and leather items, are all available in this market. 

Bhatia Bazaar: This bazaar is located in Jaisalmer’s main district. It is one of the oldest markets and a major tourist destination is known for its silk, souvenirs, and sarees. 

Sonaron Ka Baas: The term sonaron ka baas translates to “abode of the goldsmiths,” however this location isn’t exclusively for goldsmiths. It includes all types of lapidaries. This location has some of the best street jewelry ever, and it is completely unique to Jaisalmer. It is without a doubt one of the top shopping areas in Jaisalmer, especially for women who enjoy shopping for jewelry. 


Jaisalmer, this city has gorgeous Heritage venues, Forts, and Havelis making it the perfect location for a destination wedding. In this guide, we have shared some specialties about Jaisalmer which will ensure you consider Jaisalmer for your destination wedding. Read the entire blog and plan your royal wedding 

and enjoy the charm of the enchanting Thar Desert which combines culture with heritage and modernity with class.


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