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Why You Should Knot on the Backwaters of Kerala? [5 Reasons]

Kerala is a region where nature puts on its best show, brimming with delights that take your breath away from the first look. Whether it’s the tranquil backwaters bordered by swaying palm trees, the gorgeous beaches where foamy waves create a peaceful symphony, or the delectable food that delights your senses, this state is a great destination to start a new chapter of your life. 

If you’re looking for the ideal location to tie the knot, look no further! Tie the knot as you cruise across the verdant waters of Kerala’s peaceful lakes and rivulets. Allow the chirping of birds and the trickling of water to serve as background music in between. And let the whistling breeze spin your locks as well as your desires! Yes, marrying in God’s own country is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Here are some reasons why you should get married in the backwaters of Kerala. 

Let’s take a look! 

Backwater Wedding in Kerala 

Imagine endless greenery, sandy beaches, and breathtaking landscapes. This isn’t a fantasy; it could be the decors of your Kerala destination wedding venues. The backwaters offer a one-of-a-kind combination of an unpolluted environment and natural scenery that appears to be heaven. The beach towns are tranquil, peaceful, and ideal for weddings. A multitude of luxury resorts, inns, and hotels offer one-of-a-kind venue alternatives. Not only that, but with stunning fauna, vegetation, and lakes, a backwaters wedding in Kerala provides an ideal romantic environment.

Kerala is Rich in Culture and Heritage 

Kerala’s culture is a blend of Indian and Dravidian influences. These days, neighboring states are also influencing this culture. Kerala’s culture and legacy are expressed in its numerous art forms, martial arts, costumes, people, and cuisine. In terms of Kerala’s heritage, it can be claimed that it occupies a unique and significant place in Indian history. Kerala Heritage serves as a source of national pride. This makes Kerala an ideal place for a destination wedding. 

Kerala Offers Exotic Venues 

Here are some of the most exotic wedding venues in Kerala’s lovely ambiance: 

Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere:

Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere, a tranquil 5-star resort in Alleppey’s backwaters, is the ideal location for your destination wedding. The decor of the resort is magnificent, with heritage elements and modern furniture. You can also have a houseboat wedding, in which you are married on a houseboat floating on Alleppey’s backwaters. 

The Raviz Kovalam:

The Raviz Kovalam is known as India’s only Cliff-Top Beach Resort. It’s a five-star hotel with a stunning view of the Arabian Sea. The interiors of the hotel are adorned in traditional Kerala decors with a hint of modern contemporary art, making it the perfect wedding venue. 

Taj Kumarakom Resort & Spa:

Taj Kumarakom Resort & Spa is a piece of history, a piece of nature, and a family estate that has been converted into a 5-star resort in Kumarakom, where staying in one of only 28 exclusive cottages or villas amidst almost 15 acres of natural green cover is quite a special experience in and of itself. It is an ideal wedding location in Kerala, offering a gorgeous balance of comfort and grandeur. 

Kerala Offers the Best Seafood in India 

Fortunately, Kerala delivers the best seafood in India. The state’s extensive coastline assures that you only get the freshest catch. You and your guests at the wedding will appreciate the native cuisine, whether it’s a sour coconut fish curry or fried fish. Fish mappas, a somewhat sour and creamy fish curry, and aviyal and appam with stew are some of Kerala’s traditional seafood meals. 


Kerala is well-known for its backwaters, which provide stunning vistas of seashores and palm plantations. Isn’t this a simply stunning sight? It is an ideal location to tie the knot in Kerala’s Backwaters. In this blog, we have highlighted some important reasons for getting married in Kerala. Regardless of the type of wedding, a destination wedding in Kerala is sure to be unforgettable and treasured by both the couple and their guests for a lifetime.


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