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Reasons to Consider Chokhi Dhani Resort for a Perfect Traditional Rajasthani Destination Wedding 

What better place to tie the knot than in a royal Rajasthani palace? If you’re looking for a wonderful traditional Rajasthani destination wedding, the Chokhi Dhani Resort in Jaipur is a great place to start. 

The Chokhi Dhani Resort in Jaipur is one of the city’s most famous hotels. Thousands of tourists visit each year in search of a completely authentic and exciting Rajasthani experience. The resort is stretched out across a large region and honours Rajasthani culture and traditions in all its splendour. Chokhi Dhani Resort, Jaipur, makes no concessions to luxury and is a really lavish 5-star establishment that will transport you to medieval royalty. 

This resort is a wonderful choice for a majestic Rajasthani wedding that is the embodiment of wealth and majesty. Here are some compelling reasons to hold your wedding ceremony at the Chokhi Dhani Resort in Jaipur, 

Let’s get started! 

Events and Activities at Dhani Chokhi

Chokhi Dhani Resort

Chokhi Dhani Resort is not only a great place to stay, but it’s also a fantastic spot to hold magnificent pre-and post-wedding ceremonies that will leave you with unforgettable memories to last a lifetime. Chokhi Dhani Resort offers big and high-tech banquet halls, meeting rooms, and gardens that are ideal for pre-wedding ceremonies, theme weddings, and other leisure events, all set against the backdrop of the spectacular fort-like site. Chokhi Dhani Resort, which is set in a classic Rajasthani setting, is also a fantastic location for movie shots, wedding photography, theme photography, and other types of photography. 

Shopping Paradise

The Kalagram, a social initiative aimed at fostering local craftsmen who manufacture handicrafts, is housed in Chokhi Dhani. Chokhi Dhani’s shops have collections of furnishings, artwork, and accessories that will enthral any passerby. You can go shopping to your heart’s content without burning a hole in your wallet. 

Best Accommodation 

Chokhi Dhani Resort is a five-star luxury hotel located in the heart of Rajasthan’s Pink City, Jaipur. Your stay includes a one-of-a-kind Rajasthani splendour as well as the warmth of our service. Ethnic Cottages, Executive Cottages, Royal Cottages, Royal Suites, Haveli Suites, Dhola Maru Suites, Family Royal Suites, and Presidential Suites are among the hotel accommodations in the Chokhi Dhani resort. 

Executive Cottage

Chokhi Dhani Resort’s Executive Cottages are excellent for executives and families searching for a home away from home with prolonged accommodations.

Royal Cottage

Because the cottages are completely equipped with metropolitan facilities, they offer the ideal balance of ethnic surroundings and modern living.

Chokhi Dhani Resort suite

Royal Suite

If you stay in one of their Royal Suites at Chokhi Dhani Resort, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience. The Royal Suite’s décor reflects the past’s timeless splendour.

Delectable Cuisine at Chokhi Dhani 

Chokhi Dhani has a variety of restaurants where you can eat traditional Rajasthani cuisine. These restaurants cater to a wide range of interests and preferences among their patrons. The eateries at Chokhi Dhani are listed below. 

Bindola Restaurant

Chokhi Dhani Resort dining

The interiors of the Bindola are decorated with Rajasthani Mandana wall murals, roof lanterns, and an exquisitely carved wooden ceiling. The overall environment of the restaurant is designed to give you a homey feeling. You can taste delectable Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisines here. 

Aragosta Restaurant

The Aragosta Restaurant, which means “please eat” in English, is a multi-cuisine restaurant located in Chokhi Dhani. With a vast edifice and regal, beautifully-done decor, it is the largest restaurant in Chokhi Dhani. The restaurant delivers delectable North Indian and Chinese cuisine, as well as other cuisines. 

Kesar Kyari Barbeque

The Kesar Kyari Barbeque restaurant is an open-air eatery with canopied seating. It opens in the evening and serves a variety of great vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. This restaurant is ideal for private get-togethers and parties because of its outdoor seating and magnificent view of the adjacent village. The grill’s cooks are continually creating new barbeque recipes for visitors to enjoy. 


Thali dinners have long been an important part of Rajasthani cuisine’s dining experience. The Chaupal, which literally means “hub,” is a classic sit-down restaurant where you can unwind and enjoy a delicious Rajasthani dinner. When visiting Chokhi Dhani, eating at Chaupal is a must-do activity. 


Typing the knots at this high-end location of Chokhi Dhani Resort is like something out of a dream wedding. Chokhi Dhani Resort’s wedding venue offers a unique blend of modern convenience and peacefulness. With its superb services and exceptional hospitality, the resort has become a benchmark. The hotel staff’s outstanding management and execution abilities are evident in their work. From food to decoration to design to photography, they take care of every last detail. Take advantage of the Chokhi Dhani wedding package’s personalized services for all-inclusive cheap bargains and services.


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