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Pre-Wedding In Jaipur: A Guide to Capturing Love in the Pink City

With its regal charm and picturesque backdrops, Jaipur is a paradise for couples looking to immortalize their pre-wedding moments. Known as the Pink City, Jaipur offers a blend of historic grandeur and stunning natural landscapes, making it an ideal location for pre-wedding photoshoots. This blog explores how you can plan and execute a mesmerizing pre-wedding shoot in Jaipur.

Choosing the Perfect Locations

Jaipur is dotted with forts, palaces, and beautiful gardens that serve as perfect canvases for your love story.

  1. Amer Fort: With its majestic structure and intricate architecture, Amer Fort offers a royal backdrop that is simply unmatched.
  2. Nahargarh Fort: Known for its breathtaking view of Jaipur, it provides a stunning skyline backdrop, especially at sunset.
  3. Jal Mahal: This water palace set in the middle of Man Sagar Lake is ideal for romantic boat shots and serene water backgrounds.
  4. Hawa Mahal: The iconic façade of Hawa Mahal can add a touch of Rajasthani culture and history to your photographs.
  5. Rambagh Palace: Rambagh Palace’s well-manicured gardens and regal architecture are perfect for a luxurious photoshoot.

Planning Your Shoot

  • Timing: The best time for a photo shoot in Jaipur is during the cooler months from October to March. Early morning shoots are ideal to avoid the midday sun and to capture the soft natural light.
  • Outfits: Coordinate your outfits with the grandeur of Jaipur’s royal aesthetic. Traditional Rajasthani attire can add a cultural essence to your shoot, or you can opt for classic gowns and suits for a more timeless look.
  • Permissions: Some locations require permission for photoshoots, often involving a fee. It’s important to check this in advance and secure any necessary permits to avoid last-minute hurdles.
  • Photographer: Choose a photographer who not only has a good portfolio but is also familiar with the locales of Jaipur. They can guide you to hidden gems and optimal spots for the best shots.

Cost Considerations

The cost of a pre-wedding shoot in Jaipur can vary based on several factors:

  • Photography Team: Depending on their expertise, a professional photographer can charge anywhere from ₹30,000 to ₹1,00,000 for a day’s shoot.
  • Travel and Accommodation: If you are coming from outside Jaipur, consider travel and stay costs, which can be budgeted at around ₹10,000 to ₹20,000 per day, depending on the luxury level.
  • Costumes and Makeup: Renting costumes and hiring a makeup artist can cost about ₹10,000 to ₹15,000.

Additional Tips

  • Local Assistance: Hiring a local coordinator or guide can help you navigate the logistics and cultural nuances.
  • Transport: Arrange for private transport to move between locations smoothly and to keep your outfits pristine.
  • Backup Plans: Always have a plan B for weather changes or other unexpected issues, like alternative indoor locations.


A pre-wedding photoshoot in Jaipur doesn’t just offer beautiful pictures; it provides an experience imbued with the romance and splendor of royalty. Planning with attention to detail can help you minimize stress and maximize the magic. Jaipur awaits to play its part in your love story, ensuring that every photograph captured is a testament to your fairy tale romance.


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